We are delighted to introduce our company, Alsus IT Group S.A.S., which is focused on the implementation of innovative projects related to the field of information and communication technology. The key elements for satisfying our customers´ needs are quality of our processes of development based on the international quality model CMMI, thorough work of our team, our experience and the technology we employ.

Among the successful cases that encourage us to continue with the development of innovative information systems with high quality standards, we can mention the acknowledgements awarded by the Colombian Chamber of Informatics and Telecommunications – CCIT, publishing house El Tiempo and the program Government Online, to:

  • Institute of Culture and Tourism of Manizales, for “The Best Online State Website” among more than 100 websites evaluated at national level in the year 2008.
  • Valorization Institute of Manizales – Invama, special mention for the Best Capital City and/or Government Online Website, the ceremony was held last year on September 12 in the Club El Nogal in Bogotá.
We have developed systems for the decision-making of local authorities, i.e. Municipal Authorities, Governments, Web Platforms for supervision of the implementation of development plans, information systems for monitoring of the achievement of goals by means of performance indicators of different types – social, economic with impact on the health area, education, transport, economic and social development.
Another of our successful cases is the Colombian Pension Administrator COLPENSIONES for which we developed a corporate and service portal which registers an attendance of approximately 10 thousand users; furthermore, from the same segment, we can also mention the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Caldas – CORPOCALDAS, the Institute for Funding, Promotion and Development of Caldas – INFICALDAS, the Municipal Authority of Manizales, specifically the Secretary for Planning and the Secretary of Administrative Services, among others.

We have experience in implementations with high demand of attending users, management of internet-oriented technologies for which we are strong in .NET, SQL SERVER, HTML 5.0 and Mobile Ecosystems.

After a trajectory of 8 years, Alsus IT Group managed to position itself in the market as a technology-based company specialized in the implementation of projects focused on the development of information systems within the IT industry, and for the sectors such as government, education, private and massive consumption.

In 2009, Alsus IT Group obtained the IT Mark certification at organizational level, and in 2012, the training of the team of our associates started in the field of PSP/TSP and its implementation as a work methodology. In January, 2013, Alsus IT Group was the first company it the Colombian Coffee Region, which obtained the CMMI Level 3 certification and the short-term goal is to attain the Level 5 evaluation in this quality model which globally promotes the best practices in software development.

We consider the innovation as a fundamental element of our company´s development, and therefore we have an investigation group registered in Colciencias, and an area of investigation, development and innovation responsible for creating new products and adopting technological progress within the organization in an early manner.


To provide practical and innovative solutions and services based on information systems developed under international quality standards with the aim to increase the productivity and competitiveness of our customers, taking advantage of a highly trained professional team committed to the integral growth of the company as well as to the growth of the whole region.


To be recognized at national and international level as a reference company in the IT industry, thanks to the quality, investigation and innovation of our products and services achieving customer loyalty that ensures company's stability.


  • Innovation: We promote the creation of ideas to add value to our products and services thus providing our customers with new alternatives.
  • Quality: We are committed to the development of products and services which comply with specific characteristics to achieve customers' satisfaction.
  • Vision: We always anticipate the development of the business environment and the way our activities should be carried out in the future.
  • Integration: Our work is coordinated with other institutions with the aim to develop large scale projects achieving a common objective.
  • Company Leadership: We feel a real sense of belonging to the region, this is reflected in the constant development of high-impact projects for technological consolidation.

Human Resources

We consider the human resources as our most important capital. Alsus IT Group consists of an interdisciplinary team of professionals who are characterized by responding competently to the company´s goals, they are conscientious persons who give all their knowledge and passion into each of the developed projects.

  • We work with professionals trained in fields such as Administration of Information Systems, Management and Development of Software Projects, Strategic Management in the field of Information Technology, Project Management and Direction.
  • Our experts are certified in ASP, .NET, Microsoft, J2EE platforms.
  • Certificates obtained from official courses by SEI:
o Introduction to Capability Maturity Model-Integration (CMMI) Version 1.2
o Introduction to CMMI – DEV V1.3 y CMMI – SVC 1.3
o Practical Software and Systems Measurement PSM
o Software Architecture Desing
o Project Management (CMMI - PMI)
o CMMI and Agile Methods
o TSPsm Executive Strategy Seminar
o TSP/PSP Personal Software Process (PSP) Fundamentals y Advance
o TSP/PSP Leading a Development Team
o TSP Team Member Training