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Networkit cluster tic participated in the confecámaras´ annual congress

16.10.2014 - The Annual Congress organized by Colombian Confederation of Chambers of Commerce - Confecámaras and named “Business Betts on Global Economy” was held on Sep 4 and 5 in the city of Cartagena.

The main topics of the Congress were current business scene, proposal for actions to increase the competitiveness, strengthening of the management towards the interior of companies and making use of the opportunities provided by the global economy.

National and international experts, businessmen, government members, specialists and leaders of main regional clusters were convened and had the opportunity to participate in different scheduled discussion boards.

Oscar Andrés Cuesta, Executive Director of Alsus IT Group, was invited as a panelist and representative of Networkit Cluster TIC from the Coffee Region, together with Juliana López, President of the Convention Center of Cartagena – Cluster Meet in Cartagena, and David Ararat, President of Cerámica Italia – Cluster de la Arcilla, to participate in the forum: “Regional Business Force”, which was conducted under two thematic areas: Structural Change and Competitiveness; Share and Compete - the clusters´ business. Each panelist from different economic sector had the opportunity to talk about their collective job proposal in search of a higher efficiency.

The participation of Oscar Andrés in the discussion board permitted to highlight the elements based on cluster strategies that have characterized the successful development process of IT industry, the importance of common cultural codes of regional cluster´s work, to list the obtained most important achievements, the support received from all of the members of the IT ecosystem, and the projections of Networkit Cluster TIC.

To learn more about the participation in this event so important for all the companies in the country, please go to:

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Source of the photo: Confecámaras