Smart Process Solution for Government

Problems. Or maybe BIG Opportunities.
Top Problems of IT Government Implementations in Latin America:

  • Poor introduction to IT implementation outside mayor cities
  • In most cases, the custom-made development is poorly implemented
  • Public SME companies usually don’t invest in IT
  • There is not enough preparation in their own HR to maintain the solutions
  • Poor integration between solutions, many of them are purpose-built systems and not integrated
  • High cost of deployment of a good infrastructure to support the business

Solutions. Just provide what people need

We provide low-cost solutions for public SME in Colombia, with a minimum cost of implementation and no needs for further training.
Our Solutions grow with the needs of our clients, so the modules and functions are fully scalable.


Colombia has 1.123 municipalities, from which 92% have population of 100.000 persons or less.

The 85% of these municipalities has a poor implementation of IT solutions, specially to accomplish the GEL normativity.

Usually, the public SME companies in that kind of municipalities have a budget of USD 15.000 or less to invest in IT Solutions.

The 100% of that municipalities will have high broadband internet service in 2014

Distribution & Business Model. We think Globally

  • Our solutions are based on Cloud Computing.
  • Costumer pays once a year.
  • We provide updates and on-line costumer services which are included in the annual fee.
  • Road Map of innovation aligned with the normativity of most of Latin American countries regulations.
  • Self installing with no need of IT knowledge.
  • We invest 40% for D&R process to improve our products.
  • Quick growth into other countries in Latin America.

Competition. Why we are the best solution

  • Our competitors are companies which are focused on the mayor market – large cities.
  • They offer a custom-made developments.
  • These implementations demand a high learning curve.
  • Schedule usually takes more time than originally planned.

We provide a product with short-time deployment, self training, and made to be adaptable to costumers needs.

Milestones. What are the next steps?

In early 2014, we will deploy the beta version in 100+ Municipalities in Colombia

Government Background.

In 2011, USD 250.000 sold only in Gov Sector.

In 2012, USD 550.000 sold only in Gov Sector.

We invest or fund USD 170.000 to develop our Smart Government Solution.

In 2008, we won The best Implementation for e-government award.

We received a Special Mention in the 2012 award